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Kara no kyoukai Watch Order

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Ryougi Shiki was the main character involved in a car crash, which lasted for two years in a deep coma. She got the ability to recognize death through her eyes but felt she missed something instead. The Ryougi family tried to develop and train children in different martial arts and battles to conquer normal people.

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners

Kara no Kyoukai Watch Order :

  • Kara No Kyoukai 1 - Fukan Fuukei

  • Kara No Kyoukai 2 - Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen)

  • Kara No Kyoukai 3 - Tsuukaku Zanryuu

  • Kara No Kyoukai 4 - Garan no Dou

  • Kara No Kyoukai 5 - Mujun Rasen

  • Kara No Kyoukai 6 - Boukyaku Rokuon

  • Kara No Kyoukai 7 - Satsujin Kousatsu (Kou)

  • Kara No Kyoukai 8 - Shuushou

"Chronological order is NOT how you are to watch the series for the first time"

Chronological Order of Kara No Kyoukai:

  • Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 1)

  • Kara no Kyoukai 4: Garan no Dou

  • Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu

  • Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuuke

  • Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen

  • Kara no Kyoukai 6: Boukyaku Rokuon

  • Kara no Kyoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu

  • Kara no Kyoukai - Epilogue

Release Date Order:

  • Fukan Fuukei - released May 21, 2008

  • Satsujin Kousatsu - released June 25, 2008

  • Tsuukaku Zanryuu - released July 23, 2008

  • Garan no Dou - released December 17, 2008

  • Mujun Rasen - released January 28, 2009

  • Boukyaku Rokuon - released July 29, 2009

  • Satsujin Kousatsu - released December 9, 2009

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