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Tsugumomo Watch Order

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

A "tsukumogami" has become an object in the Japanese folklore, which has become alive and self-aware. Two types of tsukumogami are available: the mature "tsukumomo," which has grown in harmony with their property through many years, and the aberrant "amasogi," premature spirits which are only born to give certain people destructive wishes.

After her death, Kazuya Kagami never left without the obi of his mother. Whether at home or at school, he always keeps it safe. When a wig amasogi attacks him, he almost loses his life one day. When everything seems over, his precious obi defends him, becoming a lovely girl. As a tsugumomo, Kazuya's mom owns, she introduces herself as Kiriha.

With the arrival of Kiriha, Kazuya enters a world with gods and tsukumogami which he never saw before.


Tsugumomo Watch Order :

  • Tsugumomo

  • Tsugumomo OVA

  • Tsugu Tsugumomo

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