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Top 10 Cyberpunk Anime 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Scientific fiction is a sub-type of cyberpunk. Cyberpunk topics often include futuristic elements such as artificial intelligence, futuristic cities, and advances in technology. This list looks at ten of the best Cyberpunk anime in the world although it is not the most popular genre.

Cyberpunk is a lost art in anime because much good cyberpunk anime isn't from modern times. Actually, it doesn't release much Cyberpunk. In the world of manga books, however, cyberpunk is very popular.

10. Mardock Scramble: The First Compression

Mardock Scramble: The First Compression


A teen prostitute in Mardock City, Rune Balot is a down-and-out. An ambitious casino manager named Shell has picked her up one day, who gives her everything she might want. Renewed by a false innocence, by false past and given by Shell now by the false life, Balot is appreciative. She can only be curious, however, as to why he did so many things to her, so she does some research on her computer history. This turns out to be an error that will greatly affect her life. When Shell discovers what she did, he tries to kill her with a blow.

Rating: 8/10

Given the high crime rate in Mardock, a new law called 'Scramble 09' gave the police card Blanche measures for the revival of crime witnesses, which were extreme and otherwise illegal. In this respect they let a professor bring Balot by mounting her entire body and strengthening synthetic fiber from the brink of death. When she wakes up finally, her confused state of mind turns into vengeance as Shell is shown to be her murderer.

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9. Blame!



Civilization has reached its final net-based form in the distant technological future. The automatic systems in the past had an "infection" which resulted in an infinitely replicated city structure in all directions. Now, mankind has lost control of the city and is being chased and purged by the so-called Safeguard defense system. In a small corner of town, there is a small enclave known as the Electro-Fishers which faces possible extinction, tucked away between the Safeguard's threat and the decline of food.

Rating: 8/10

Only to cause inadvertent harm when an observation tower senses it and calls a Safeguard pack for elimination is a girly named Zuru on a journey to find food in her village. The only thing which can save her now is the sudden arrival of Killy the Wanderer to seek the Net Terminal genes that are key to restoring order to the world when her companions are dead and all escape routes are blocked.

8. Texhnolyze



The city of Lux, a man-made subway town that crumbled after years of neglect and lack of repairs, is Texhnolyze. Lux citizens came to call their home 'The City' and treat it as if it has its own mind and will. Three main factions are fighting for the Lux Control: Organo, a group of "professional" who collaborate with a criminal underworld that controls Texhnolyze, the Salvation Union, a populist group that seeks to disrupt Organo 's business, and Racan.

Rating: 8/10

This once was a prizefighter, an orphan who made his place in Lux. One day, a combat promoter gets upset and the resulting disturbance leads to Ichise losing his arm and leg. The scientist Eriko Kamata, who uses it as a test topic for the newly designed Texhnolyze, finds Ichise before death. Ichise begins to work for Oonishi, the organic leader with those powerful new limbs at his disposal. He met Ran, who had the power to look at possible futures soon, with a mysterious young lady. They soon realize, together, that Lux is on the verge of war and collapse and that only they can save The City.

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7. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain


Lain Iwakura, an awkward, introverted 14 years old, has received a disturbing e-mail from the Chisa Yomoda, her classmate, who has recently committed suicide, among the many girls of her school. Lain has no desire nor experience to handle basic technology; but as the technophobe opens the e-mail, this leads her directly into Wired, an internet-like virtual communications world.

Rating: 8/10

Life of Lain is turned upside down as one after the other she begins to meet cryptic mysteries. Strange men in Black call the men to appear, to ask questions, and to learn more about them than she even knows herself. With the limits between reality and cyberspace quickly dwarfing, Lain is immersed in more surreal and weird events in which identity, awareness, and perception take on new meanings.

6. Akira



Jan 1988. Japan. A young boy's mental-powerful explosion tears across Tokyo and ignites the fuselage leading to World War III. It is captured, taken into custody, and never heard from again to prevent further destruction. To prevent further destruction. Now in 2019, the city, which has been renamed Neo Tokyo, is replaced with a restored version, ripening with gangs and terrorism against the government of today. In this case, Shoutarou Kaneda leads the Capsules, a group of misfits known for their large motorcycles and their rivals the Clowns.

Rating: 9/10

Shoutarou's best friend Tetsuo Shima was hit by an accident during one of these battles, with a waiter in the streets of Tokyo after escaping a state institution's containment. Tetsuo starts by developing his own mysterious skills as the government attempts to put this new psychic in quarantine, in a desperate attempt to prevent him from unleashing the destructive power which could bring the city back to its knees.

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5. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy


One of the last human civilizations on earth lies within the domed city of Romdo. A global ecological catastrophe has condemned the planet thousands of years ago; life outside the domes is now virtually impossible. "AutoReivs," robots like humanoids, are created to help people in their everyday lives in order to accelerate recovery. AutoReivs has however begun to develop an enigmatic illness known as the Cogito Virus, which gives them an awareness of themselves. Romdo's granddaughter, Re-l Mayer, has been commissioned together with her AutoReiv partner Iggy to investigate this phenomenon. But what begins as a routine study quickly spirals into a complot when Re-l is faced with mankind.

Rating: 9/10

A specialist of AutoReiv, Vincent Law, has to face his devils elsewhere in Romdo when surreal events around him begin to happen. Oh, Re-l, Iggy, Vincent, and the child AutoReiv named Pino are going to be an unlikely faction in that they are fighting to discover the mysteries of Romdo.

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4. No Guns Life

No Guns Life


The Berühren Corporation has released technology to generate powerful cyborg soldiers for public use. Robot components are called Extended. The Extended. Juuzou Inui, a soldier such as Extended, was born and has no recollection of his previous life. But he runs a company now, after the war, which deals with extended incidents in the city.

Rating: 9/10

Rumors of a renegade He has been extended to have kids kidnapped, so behold, a giant robotic boy with a boy crashing on his back is asking for help while Juuzo returns to his office. While Juuzou could only turn the man in and do it, it's too fishy to ignore something about this situation. Everybody seems to want this kid and, whether he likes it or not, Juuzou must find out why the extended one is running, how it connections with Berühren, and how far the trafficking takes place in this city.

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3. Psycho-Pass



Justice has changed, and its implementation. Japan is enforcing the Sibyl System in the 22nd century, an objective tool for determining each citizen's level of threats by looking at signs of crime known as their psycho-pass in their mental state. The law is upheld by inspectors by subjugating people with the slightest ill-will-often deadly forces-to Enforcers, former inspectors who are Latin criminals, in exchange for performing dirty work of the inspectors.

Rating: 9/10

Akane Tsunemori, a young woman with a genuine desire to defend justice, is entering this world. However, she soon learns that the judgments of the Sibyl System, as she works with veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, do not match that her colleagues assume. Akane wrestles with everything she knows turned on her head with the question of what justice really is and if a system could be upheld that is possibly already corrupt.

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2. Cowboy Bebop


Many of the planets and moons of the solar system colonized in 2071 leaving behind the now uninhabited surface of planet Earth. The Inter Solar System Police tries to keep the galaxy at a peaceful position, partly helped by the outlawed bounty hunters, known as "Cowboys."

Rating: 9/10

Spike Spiegel is well-suited and caring for his boisterous, pragmatic partner Jet Black, as the pair strives for reward and rewards. Thrown off course by adding new traveling members — Eins, a highly intelligent, geno-engineered Welsh Corgi; Faye Valentine, an enigmatic scoffer with a loss of memory; and the strange Edward Wong, the kid in the computer — the crew is starting to embark on exciting adventures which will gradually unfold the mysterious and dark past of each member.

Cowboy Bebop is a Western classic space and an homage to the soft and improvised music that is well balanced with high-density action, and light heart comedy.

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1. Ghost in Shell

Ghost in Shell


In 2029, progress in cybernetics allowed people to substitute robotics in almost all their body parts and organs. The poor are reinforced by these prostheses, and death is resurrected. Public Security Section 9 Niihama City (a fictional Hong Kong inspired environment) must investigate corruption and terrorism cases by a diverse AI, cyborg, and unmodified human team. Big Motoko Kusanagi, because of a childhood incident, has full-body prosthetics. She was given an important mission to her second in the command of Batou and knowledge scientist Ishikawa: the investigation of a hacker known only as of the "puppetmaster."

Rating: 9/10

Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic thriller with an intense action mix with slow creative sequences and a lot of metaphysical questions about the spirit, sex, and human identity of people in a state-of-the-art age.

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