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Top 10 Supernatural Anime 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

There are two different types of anime, the one where the world is stable and based on relatively fixed physics laws, and the other where it just appears stable ... those fortunate enough to ignore the additional face in the mirror and the will-o-wisp that flows over the pool.

Those who dare to listen to the signs quickly become protagonists of fascinating, scary titles. As anime came about through a merger of Japanese culture and Western animation, it is the supernatural genre that blends all sorts of urban legends and folklore to create unique shows. However, without mentioning the wildest direct import so far, it would be impossible to start a list of 10 Supernatural Anime.

10. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


Kyon has long abandoned his belief in the Supernatural, your typical high-school student. But he quickly realizes that it is the supernatural that she's interested in when meeting Haruhi Suzumiya — aliens, time travelers, and others. When Haruhi complains that the school is without fascinating clubs, Kyon inspires Haruhi to form its own club. The result is the formation of SOS Brigade, a club specializing in everything supernatural.

Rating: 8/10

To his sorrow, Yuki Nagato, the shy and shy Mikuru Asahina, and Itsuki Koizumi, who is perpetually smiling, are recruited as members together with the silent biblical girl. The story follows the insane adventures under their fantastic leader Haruhi. This story is based on Nagaru Tanigawa's light novels.

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9. Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens


Onmyoudou 's magic was once a powerful technique that the Japanese used during the Second World War to take over and establish their country as a tremendous force. But Japan quickly defeated the "Great Spiritual Disaster" that Tokyo is plaguing until today after the revered onmiyouji Yakou Tsuchimikado caused. This misfortune has resulted in the creation of the Onmyou Agency to wreak further spiritual disasters and to fight against the demons that would enter the world.

Rating: 8/10

In a number of applications, such as medicine and technologies, Onmyoudou has now become much more modern, simplified, and finalized. Not everyone can use the magic, however, as Harutora, a branch family member of the Tsuchimikado, can do. Notwithstanding the promised protection of the former Natsume, the heir of the main family of Tsuchimikada and Yakou 's alleged reincarnation, Harutora is unfamiliar and chooses instead to live a normal life. However, when a prominent member of the Onmyou Agency tries to recreate a single experiment that led to the fall of Japan, he decides to get his word right and to battle alongside Natsume.

8. Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!


Otonashi just wakes up to learn that he's dead. A girl who kicks off the rifle named Yuri tells you they are alive and Otonashi realizes that his name is the only thing he can remember. Yuri tells her she leads the Afterlife Battlefront Shinda Sekai Sensen and wages war against a Tenshi girl. Otonashi can not believe Tenshi's claims to be evil, but he doesn't talk with her, as he wants to.

Rating: 9/10

Otonashi chooses to join the SSS and fight against Tenshi, but he's strangely attracted to her. While attempting to reclaim Tenshi's memories, he gradually unravels the secrets of life.

7. K Project



"Kings" are people who have been given incredible supernatural powers and have been given the capacity to recruit others. It is an integral part of the royal duties to protect the lives and honor of its clans. The assumption of a student Yashiro Isana was charged with homicide after a video depicting the odious murder of a Red Clansman virally spread. There's now a manhunt on his head that brings him into contact with Kurou Yatogami, the infamous 'Black Dog,' an expert swordsman and martial artist determined to fulfill his late master's wishes, the Seventh King.

Rating: 8/10

In the meantime, Mikoto Suou, the existing red king, faces his own impending departure as Yashiro's search engages. But in the fight to prove Yashiro's innocence there is a greater conspiracy behind scenes; he recalls clouds, and close friends begin to call his very life into question. The beginning of a simple murder is a full-fledged war between Kings, which is at stake in the very destiny of the world.

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6. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt


Taniyama Mai and her friends want to share ghost stories while at school. At school. There is apparently a school building in the middle of many ghost stories on their campus. In the course of the story, a mysterious male figure interrupts them. Shibuya Kazuya, a 17-year old who is chairman of the Shibuya mental research company, turns out to be the person. The principal asked him to examine the history of the abandoned school building.

Rating: 8/10

Mai passes the school building the next day on the way to school. She is surprised by Kazuya's aid when she looks at a strange camera. Unknowingly, Mai breaks the camera and Kazuya's assistant gets wounded by this investigation.

To pay the camera and to replace his injured assistant, Kazuya hires Mai vigorously. Mai starts learning about the paranormal world and the ghost-hunting profession.

5. Another



In 1972, Misaki passed away during the school year, a popular student in North Yomiyama Middle School classes 3-3. The city of Yomiyama has been hidden from deep inside, from the dark secrets, by a frightening atmosphere since that date.

Rating: 8/10

Twenty-six years later, Kouichi Sakakibara, 15, transferred to Class 3-3 in Yomiyama North, discovering soon after that that that all students were in a strange, dreary atmosphere. He is also drawn towards the mysterious, yoked student Mei Misaki, who seems to be treated like she doesn't, however, the rest of the class and teachers seem to. Kouichi doesn't heed warnings from all, including Mei herself, but begins to come closer to her and to the truth behind Yomiyama North's gruesome 3–3 phenomenon.

Another Kouichi, Mei, and her classmates follow as they get drawn into the enigma surrounding a series of inevitable, terrible events, but it might cost them the ultimate price to unravel the horror of Yomiyama.

4. Noragami



When necessary, you see a strange telephone number scraping in red if you look at the right place. You're going to hear a young man present himself as the Yato God if you call this number.

Yato is a little deity and the self-proclaimed "God of the Delivery," who dreams of millions of adorers. However, his purposes are far from being fulfilled without a single shrine dedicated to his name. He has been doing strange jobs for five yen a piece of his day until his partner fills his unnecessary master and deserts.

Rating: 9/10

Just as things seem gruesome to God, Hiyori Iki, a middle-school girl, is alleged to save Yato from an automotive accident and hit him. She survives remarkably, but the event made her soul unleashed and so her body can leave. But after learning that he needs a new companion, Hiyori hesitates to help him find one. Yato wants to return it back to normal. And Yato's luck can finally turn around with Hiyori 's help.

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3. XXX-Holic



The spirits and other supernatural creatures of Kimihiro Watanuki can see, which is quite a disturbing abilities he dislikes. On his way home one day he is inexplicably bound to enter a strange house while he is plagued by spirits.

Rating: 8/10

There he meets Yuuko, an enigmatic woman who claims to get rid of his ability to see the distressing creatures at a cost. She demands that he work in her store, which grants people wishes and thus begins the adventures of Watanuki with strange and beautiful events.

2. Death Note

Death Note


A shinigami is a god of death who can kill anyone if they write their victim's name in a Death Note. When a criminal tests the power of his Death Note, Light Yagami is greatly surprised. Light decides to extinguish all criminals in order to build a new world where crime does not exist and people worship him as a god. Police try to apprehend a serial killer who is targeting criminals with the help of the best detective in the world.

Rating: 9/10

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1. Mushishi



"Mushi": the foremost basic sort of life within the world. They exist without any goal or purpose other than simply "being." They are beyond the shackles of the words "good" and "evil." Mushi can exist in innumerable forms and are capable of imitating things from the natural world, such as plants, diseases, and even phenomena such as rainbows.

Rating: 9/10

However, this is often just a vague definition of these entities that inhabit the colorful world of Mushishi, that even calling them a sort of life would be an oversimplification. Detailed information on Mushi is scarce because the bulk of humans are unaware of its existence. So, what are the Mushi, and why are they? this is often the matter that Ginko, the "Mushishi," continually ponders. Mushishi is those that seek Mushi within the hope of understanding their place within the world hierarchy of life. Ginko is chasing rumors of events that would be linked to Mushi, all for the sake of finding a solution. After all, it could lead to the meaning of life itself.

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