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Top 10 Sci-Fi Anime 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Whether a sci-fi anime series is good or not determines exactly? Every fan has his or her reasons, but science fiction shows tend to be much more serious and thought-inspiring than most anime genres at the end of the day. This is largely due to the fact that they examine the possibilities and boundaries of certain ideas like the exploration of outer space, new technologies, and phenomena like time voyages. This has led to a discussion of these mature topics and a combination with well-developed characters, an emotional impact, and a well-balanced story.

However, you may know the defining titles of the sci-fi genre: Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop, be they a new anime fan or have been watching it for many a time. Whilst perhaps best, in addition to other original shows, which have gained popularity in recent years-sometimes more than others-this the list is focused on some of the newer shows that inspire these iconic sci-fi animes. Here are Top 10 Sci-Fi Anime 2020, bearing this in mind.

10. No Guns Life

No Guns Life


The Berühren Corporation has released technology to generate powerful cyborg soldiers for public use. Robot components are called Extended. The Extended. Juuzou Inui, a soldier such as Extended, was born and has no recollection of his previous life. But he runs a company now, after the war, which deals with extended incidents in the city.

Rating: 9/10

Rumors of a renegade He has been extended to have kids kidnapped, so behold, a giant robotic boy with a boy crashing on his back is asking for help while Juuzo returns to his office. While Juuzou could only turn the man in and do it, it's too fishy to ignore something about this situation. Everybody seems to want this kid and, whether he likes it or not, Juuzou must find out why the extended one is running, how it connections with Berühren, and how far the trafficking takes place in this city.

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9. Deca-Dence



Many years have passed since the sudden emergence of the unknown lifeforms Gadoll led humanity to the edge of extinction. Those people who survived now live in a mobile fortress 3000 m high that has been built to protect themselves against the Gadoll threat.

Denizens of Deca-dence are classed in two categories: Gears, daily combatants of Gadoll, and Tankers who have no fighting skills. One day Natsume, a Tanker girl who wants to become a Gear, meets Kaburagi, a Deca-dence armor repairman.

Rating: 9/10

This chance meeting of two opposites appears to shock the girl with a positive attitude, who never renounces her dreams and the realist who has surrendered his dreams.

8. ID: Invaded


The Mizuhanome System is a highly developed system that enables people to enter one of the most fascinating places in the human mind. By using "cognition particles" that the perpetrator has left behind on the criminal scene, detectives of the police group specializing in Kura can show the unconscious mind of the criminal as a bizarre stream of thinking in the virtual world. Their job is to explore this psychological level, the ID well," to reveal the guilty person's identity.

Rating: 9/10

Not only can anyone enter the ID wells; you must have killed someone yourself. This is the case for Akihito Narihisago, a former detective known as "Sakaido" in the ID pools. Once a respected police member hit the tragedy, and soon on the other side of the law, he found himself. Narihisago still helps Kura in prison, however. Although his wonderful detective skills are still useful for investigation, Narihisago discovered that not all things are as it seems because a much sinister truth lurks behind the seemingly autonomous series of murder cases.

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7. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone


High-school student Taiju Ooki has finally confessed his love to Yuzouriha Ogawa after five years of unexplored sentiments. However, only when Taiju begins to confess, blinding green light hits the earth and petrify mankind all over the world, turning each human in stone.

Rating: 9/10

Several thousand years later, Taiju wakes up to find the modern world totally absent, as nature flourished during the years when humanity stood still. Taiju meets another living human in the stone world of statues: his science-loving friend Senkuu, who has been involved for several months. Taiju learns that Senkuu has a great plan — the restoration of civilization through science. The brawns of Taiju and Senkuu combine to forge an excellent partnership and soon they find a way to relive petrified people. The master plan of Senkuu, however, is threatened if the awakening challenges its ideologies. The reason for the petrification of mankind remains unknown throughout.

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6. A Certain Magical Index

Toaru Majutsu no


The City of the Academy, Japan, is a leading scientific institution. In addition to being technologically 30 years ahead of the world, over three-fourths of this particular town's population includes students who are psychologically capable to develop their mental abilities. Among the students is Touma Kamijou, a secondary-school student with the lowest psychic rank of zero, but with a mysterious power, no scientist is able to understand "Imagine Breaker."

Rating: 9/10

Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with Kamijou 's life as an ordinary boy, before he encounters the mysterious Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a young girl who has recalled all the forbidden grimoires, and is now hunting Index. Kamijou protects his new friend at all expenses with several magicians looking to hurt the girl while exploring a new mysterious world of the supernatural.

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5. Made in Abyss


The Abyss — an abyss that extends into the depths of the world, full of mysterious beings and relics from a long time ago. How did it happen? What's on the ground? Innumerable brave individuals, called Divers, have tried to solve these mysteries of the Abyss, which are descending fearlessly into its darkest realms. Those who remain on the surface are the best and bravest of the Divers, the White Whistles, as legends.

Rating: 9/10

Lyza the Annihilator, Riko, daughter of the missing White Whistle, aspires to be like her mother and explore the farthest reaches of the Abyss. However, she is only allowed to walk her top layer with a novice Red Whistle herself. Yet Riko is fortunate enough to meet a mysterious robot that looks like an ordinary young boy. She names him Reg, and he has no memory of the pre-discovery events. The two decide to enter into the abyss, to recover their memories and to see from the bottom of the large pit with their own eyes, while the technology to create Reg must come from deep inside the Abyss. But they don't know the harsh truth.

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4. Steins;Gate


The self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe rents a room in a rugged old building in Akihabara, where he indulges in his hobby of inventing prospective "future gadgets" with fellow lab members: Mayuri Shiina, his air-headed childhood friend, and Hashida Itaru, a perverted hacker nicknamed "Daru." The three spend their time tinkering with their most promising contraption yet. Though miraculous in itself, the phenomenon does not provide anything concrete in Okabe 's search for a scientific breakthrough; that is until the lab members are spurred into action by a string of mysterious happenings before they stumble upon an unexpected success — the Phone Microwave can send e-mails to the past, altering the flow of history.

Rating: 9/10

Adapted by 5pb from the critically acclaimed visual novel. And Nitroplus, Steins; Gate takes Okabe to the depths of scientific theory and practicality. Forced across the diverging threads of past and present, Okabe must bear the burdens that come with holding the key to the realm of time.

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3. Psycho-Pass



Justice has changed, and its implementation. Japan is enforcing the Sibyl System in the 22nd century, an objective tool for determining each citizen's level of threats by looking at signs of crime known as their psycho-pass in their mental state. The law is upheld by inspectors by subjugating people with the slightest ill-will-often deadly forces-to Enforcers, former inspectors who are Latin criminals, in exchange for performing dirty work of the inspectors.

Rating: 9/10

Akane Tsunemori, a young woman with a genuine desire to defend justice, is entering this world. However, she soon learns that the judgments of the Sibyl System, as she works with veteran Enforcer Shinya Kougami, do not match that her colleagues assume. Akane wrestles with everything she knows turned on her head with the question of what justice really is and if a system could be upheld that is possibly already corrupt.

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2. Ghost in Shell

Ghost in Shell


In 2029, progress in cybernetics allowed people to substitute robotics in almost all their body parts and organs. The poor are reinforced by these prostheses, and death is resurrected. Public Security Section 9 Niihama City (a fictional Hong Kong inspired environment) must investigate corruption and terrorism cases by a diverse AI, cyborg, and unmodified human team. Big Motoko Kusanagi, because of a childhood incident, has full-body prosthetics. She was given an important mission to her second in the command of Batou and knowledge scientist Ishikawa: the investigation of a hacker known only as of the "puppetmaster."

Rating: 9/10

Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic thriller with an intense action mix with slow creative sequences and a lot of metaphysical questions about the spirit, sex, and human identity of people in a state-of-the-art age.

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1. Cowboy Bebop


Many of the planets and moons of the solar system colonized in 2071 leaving behind the now uninhabited surface of planet Earth. The Inter Solar System Police tries to keep the galaxy at a peaceful position, partly helped by the outlawed bounty hunters, known as "Cowboys."

Rating: 9/10

Spike Spiegel is well-suited and caring for his boisterous, pragmatic partner Jet Black, as the pair strives for reward and rewards. Thrown off course by adding new traveling members — Eins, a highly intelligent, geno-engineered Welsh Corgi; Faye Valentine, an enigmatic scoffer with a loss of memory; and the strange Edward Wong, the kid in the computer — the crew is starting to embark on exciting adventures which will gradually unfold the mysterious and dark past of each member.

Cowboy Bebop is a Western classic space and an homage to the soft and improvised music that is well balanced with high-density action, and light heart comedy.

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