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Top 10 Isekai Anime 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

While some might be unaware of the appeal, anime fans like the stories of isekai, and we've rated 10 best in the genre! In Isekais, the protagonist is transported or resurrected to another planet. The subtype of the Japanese light novels, video games, and mango. In recent years this subgenre has grown in popularity and length, resulting in many improvements in the isekai anime.

On the one hand, not all these series are as good as you expect. On the other hand, there are others that not only satisfy but totally exceed the desires of the audience. We'll review the best and most famous isekai anime that we've ever produced in this list.

10. Log Horizon

Log Horizon


Thirty thousand Japanese gamers are trapped in the world of Elder Tale after the game's latest update. Shiroe must learn to live in this new world, leading others and negotiating with the NPC "natives" A tale of fantasy, adventure, and politics, Log Horizon explores the elements of gaming through the eyes of a master strategist who attempts to make the best of a puzzling situation.  Back to Mail Online home.   back to the page, you came from.

The story starts with the introduction of a set of MMORPG standard rules/restrictions which are familiar to many viewers. Such strict rules interestingly extend the tale of Log Horizon to a sophisticated strategic adventure from conventional shows. Log Horizon is, in general, a very enjoyable show with no drawbacks from a shounen-type series we have come to expect. This is a very enticing story because many of its readers are conscious of it, he says. Switch to home electronic mail. You came from back to the list. "Log Horizon" is one of anime's secret treasures.

9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online


In the year 2022, a massive online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is launched. With the aid of "NerveGear" technology, players can control their avatars within the game using nothing but their own thoughts. However, in a cruel turn of events, the players soon realize they cannot log out. The game's creator has trapped them in his new world until they complete all one hundred levels of the game.

On one hand, the arrangement has gotten blended analysis with respect to its pacing and composing. Then again, fans have applauded it for its shocking movement, just as its stunning battle scenes. With its universal fame, there is no denying that Sword Art Online is deserving of being on this rundown.

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8. Digimon



A group of seven children is sent to another world at summer camp. They find themselves in the "Digital World," far from home. They are led by the impulsive Taichi Yagami and his hungry Digimon partner Agumon. This group will have to fight unknown evils as they discover more about this outlandish Digital World.

Collected youngsters in a faraway land, collaborating with strange animals that need to keep the evil from pulverizing the world. The story has a much darker tone, and it just gets darker as it goes on. There may be a slight cheddar factor in a portion of the more enthusiast parts, but it's done all around ok that you wouldn't be worried, and you might even end up grinning at the very thing you might have pretended to be exacerbated. The show is easy, and no matter how young it is, it doesn't offend your insight (or if nothing else in Japanese it doesn't).

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7. Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Saga Of Tanya The Evil


Tanya Degurechaff is a young soldier infamous for predatorial-like ruthlessness and an uncanny, tactical aptitude. Underneath her innocuous appearance lies the soul of a man who challenged Being X, the self-proclaimed God. Tanya resolves to ascend the ranks of her country's military as it slowly plunges into a world war. But her actions have an unintended side effect: propelling the mighty Empire into becoming one of the most powerful nations in mankind's history.

It's not very often that an anime comes out, the main protagonist of which is the villain, and it does so well. Overlord is a popular show that explores this idea, and Youjo Senki would be highly recommended to those who enjoy certain aspects of it. It follows Tanya Degurechaff, a Japanese wage-earner reincarnated as a female child soldier, in a reality where magic coexists alongside the alternate timeline of World War One. The twist is that she fights for the German Empire and behaves differently from a stereotypical heroine.

6. The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime


Thirty-seven-year-old Satoru Mikami is a typical corporate worker in Tokyo. He dies after being stabbed by a random assailant and is reincarnated as a goop of slime. In his new body, he acquires the power to devour anything and mimic its appearance and abilities. He then stumbles upon the sealed Catastrophe-level monster "Storm Dragon" Veldora who had been sealed away for the past 300 years for devastating a town to ashes. In return, the monster bestows upon him the name Rimuru Tempest to grant him divine protection.

He rapidly becomes one of the most powerful beings in the world with his new ability. The show is also commended for its unforgettable design. Rimuru is especially famous as he won the 2019 Crunchyroll Anime Awards for the best anime protagonist. Fans can not wait to see Rimuru and his mates for the second season in 2020.

5. Overlord



The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. Momonga, a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last few moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down. To his surprise

He wants to conquer the planet with his new strength and army of loyal followers. While the main character is much better than any other hero, Overlord is boring. This series is a must for any fan of isekai, with funny character interactions, and also reveals Ainz's spiritual force.

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4. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero


The Four Cardinal Heroes are a group of ordinary men from modern-day Japan. They are summoned to the kingdom of Melromarc to become its saviors. Naofumi Iwatani, an otaku, is cursed with the fate of being the "Shield Hero" The four heroes have respectively bestowed a sword, spear, bow, and shield to vanquish the Waves of Catastrophe, which have ravaged the land for centuries. Naofumi is soon betrayed by the only person willing to train with him, a slave named Raphtalia, but is then falsely accused of taking advantage of her. The heroes must fight for the survival of the kingdom and protect the people from their ill-fated future.

3. Konosuba



After dying a laughable and pathetic death, Kazuma Satou finds himself sitting before a beautiful but obnoxious goddess named Aqua. The goddess gives him the choice to continue on to heaven or reincarnate in a fantasy world. But Kazuma makes a grave mistake -- Aqua is completely useless!

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2. No Game No Life

No Game No Life


Sora and Shiro are shut-in NEET siblings and the online gamer duo behind the legendary username "Blank" They view the real world as just another lousy game, but a strange e-mail challenges them to a chess match. The brother and sister are plunged into an otherworldly realm where they meet Tet, the God of Games. The mysterious god welcomes them to Disboard, a world where all forms of conflict are settled by high-stake games.

Considered one of the five most important animations in 2014, this series gives the typical isekai anime a new twist. Fans love the show for its idea of using games as fighting, the incredible animation of the show, and the dynamic relationship between Sora and Shiro. All in all, not only anime lovers, but players alike will benefit from this series.

1. Re;Zero



As Subaru Natsuki leaves the comfort shop, he hopes the last thing from his everyday life is to be plunged into a dream world. Nevertheless, the adversary's stuff doesn't look good: not long after his arrival he is assaulted by thugs; he is quickly beaten with pulp with just one bag of food and a now useless cellular phone. Fortunately, in hot pursuit of the one who stole her flagship, a mysterious beauty named Satella takes place on Subaru and saves him. Subaru offers to help her search to thank her honest and kindly girl, and later in the evening finds the spot where she wants to go. Though they are unknown

However, Subaru wakes up immediately into a familiar scene – in which the same thuggish group meets Satellas once more – as history unexplainedly reiterates itself, this enigma deepens.

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