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Top 10 Comedy Anime 2020

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Here you can find a collection of funny anime recommendations from the legendary Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba), the classic Gintama, and all the Grand blue in between. Hope you're ready to laugh about it!

For different reasons, people are watching anime comedy shows. Many of them are young comedy fans, some have been enthusiastic fans since their success, others may only want their daily dose of funny characters. We should all agree that funny anime characters are the perfect way to take away our tension. So we have picked 10 funniest anime of all time for you bing watch it?

10. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase


Olivia, who doesn't speak English, plays the "look the other way" game with a loudly mouthed airhead Hanako Honda at recess. Rough conduct spurs Kasumi Nomura, a deadpan sad whom her older sister regularly teases about her propensity to lose her games. Kasumi is not prepared to participate, so he refuses Olivia's offer of joining the game, so ultimately becomes interested and dispenses with its own hypocrisy. Eventually, there will be a curious bond between the odd trio and you will choose to join the Pastime Club, where you can find your regular hijinks.

Rating: 8/10

If it is not learning English, trying to become famous desperately, or being caught in the wrong place by teachers, school life never becomes dull when Asobi Asobase girls are up to their amusing antiquities.

9. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge


The son of a good-looking businessman Kou Ichinomiya has firm confidence in his grade. He is then determined to keep himself from being indebted to anyone, but one day he ends up falling down the river, after a run with some unpleasant children on Arakawa Bridge. Fortunately, there's a passerby here for him to save him — but he owes this stranger his life!

Rating: 8/10

Kou is upset with this, but this can be just the worst offer the greedy businessman ever made. The stranger — a story, a homeless girl who wears a suit known only as Nino — lives under the bridge in a cardboard box and only wants to fall in love. When he asks Kou to be a husband, he can only embrace it and push him to get away from home in comfort and to start a new life underneath the bridge!

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Kaguya-sama: Love is War


Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the top representatives of the student body in the well-known Shuchiin Academy. Miyuki has been ranked among the country's top students and admired by peers and mentors alike. Besides him, in every area that he imagines, Vice President Kaguya, the eldest daughter of the wealthy Shinomiya family, excels. This is the whole student body's envy, known as the ideal pair.

Rating: 9/10

Nevertheless, both of them have already formed feelings for each other and are not prepared to embrace them. The first person to confess will fail, be looked at, and treated as the least. Miyuki and Kaguya are equally determined, with their honor and pride at stake, to be winners in the field of love!

7. Grand Blue

Grand Blue


In the new year at university, Iori Kitahara moves into the coastal town of Izu. She sits above Grand Blue, the scuba diving shop of her mother. Iori 's expectations and aspirations are high, but he is drawn into the drunken habits of the cautious members of the Diving Club who visited the place at the time of entering the store. Iori reticently joined their strange group, persuaded of the upper-class Shinji Tokita and Ryuujirou Kotobuki. Before that, his Cousin Chisa Kotegawa joins and captures him and Iori becomes utterly contemptuous.

Rating: 9/10

Grand Blue follows Iori's misadventures with his excentric new friends, on the basis of the famous comedy manga of Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka, as he tries to realize his ideal college dream while also learning how to dive.

6. Nichijou

Nichijou - My Ordinary Life


Nichijou focusses mainly on a regular trio of friends in childhood — high school girls Mio Naganohara, Yuuko Aioi, and Mai Minakami — whose stories soon collided with Hakase Shinonome, her robot caretaker Nano and Sakamoto. Every day these six and the many people around them experience the calms of their normal lives as well as the folly of the ridiculous.

Rating: 9/10

To go to school, to be bitten by the crowd, to spend time with friends and to look at the main suplex of a deer. All of them are working in the daily life of Nichijou people.

5. Beelzebub



Ishiyama High is a school full of offenders, in which abuse and unlawfulness are the rules. Yet one widely recognized rule is not to cross Tatsumi Oga, the fearsome warrior of Ishiyama, first-year student.

One day, when Oga sees a man floating down the river, Oga is by a canal. Once Oga has been rescued, the guy split the middle and shows a baby who rushes to the back of Oga and forms an attachment to him right away. Even if he still hasn't heard, this child is named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, and in short "Baby Beel," the Demon Lord's son.

Rating: 9/10

Also, Hildegard, Beel's demon maid, is faced with Oga as if finding the next Lord of the Underworld was not enough. While they are surrounded by young delinquents and evil powers, which could be more daunting than they can imagine, they try to raise Baby Beel together.

4. Hinamatsuri



As Yoshifumi Nitta, a member of yakuza is successfully tucked away when a huge, special vase unexpectedly materializes and falls on his head. As he is seen in the efficient sequencing of a precious vase for his collection. He is opening up the capsule to show a young, blue-haired girl who discloses nothing but her name, Hina, and the fact that she has massive powers. She loses control and unleashes a boom if her energy remains unused as if things couldn't get worse. In the face of no other choice, Nitta becomes her caregiver.

Rating: 9/10

Nitta asks Hina to help her freely with a building settlement, in order to let her use her powers freely. Yet a competing yakuza party secretly attacked his boss as this was happening. His colleagues later blame him for Nitta 's surprise! Nitta steels himself and enters the hideout with the intention of destroying the opposing group in retaliation. But Hina suddenly enters and helps him wipe the entire group out unexpectedly. As it turns out, Nitta and his yakuza business could only be a valuable asset for Hina, provided that she does not first utilize her power! So this unusual duo 's strange life starts.

3. Konosuba

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!


Kazuma Satou, a high-school student, and a reclusive Kazume sits before a beautiful but disgusting goddess named Aqua after death on his way back from the purchase of a play. Two choices deliver NEET: to start in the sky or reincarnate in the vision of every gamer – a true world of fantasy! Kazuma is soon faced with fighting a demon king who terrorizes villagers when he wants to start a new life. But before he goes he can choose any kind of item to help him in his search, and Aqua is chosen by the future hero. Yet Kazuma made a serious error — Aqua is useless completely!

Rating: 9/10

Sadly, their challenges do not stop here; it turns out that it is very different how a game is played in such a setting. The pair must work first to pay for their living costs rather than pursue an exciting adventure. In reality, their misfortunes have just begun!

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2. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Daily Lives of High School Boys


The halls of Sanada North Higher Education are roamed by three similar comrades: Hidenori, a passionate Yoshitaka and Tadakuni, an eccentric figure with a hyperactive imagination. They 're made of giant robots, true love, and serious drama ... At least in their vivid imagination. In reality, they are just a regular trio of common people who try to spend time but could not be involved in everyday life.

Rating: 9/10

Whether it's a sophisticated RPG re-enactment or an unexpected romantic meeting in the shore of the riverside at sunset, Danshi Koukousei no Nikijou is full of bizarre but mundane circumstances.

New To Anime Recommendation List

1. Gintama



The Amanto, invaders, conquered the Earth and took over feudal Japan. Consequently, a ban has been imposed on swords and the samurai of Japan are thus regarded with disdain.

Rating: 9/10

Yet Gintoki Sakata always has the samurai's spirit, even though one does not predict it from his love of sweets and yorozuya. Sherpachi Shimura, a kid with a lens and face, Kagura with a shield and seemingly bottomless stomach, and Sadaharu, an exceptionally large pet dog accompany him in his work in a jack-of-all-trades line. Such odd jobs are not always easy, of course, as they frequently run into the police, ragtag rebels, and assassins, frequently leading to amusing yet unhappy consequences.

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